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Walmart case suggested answers

Dh got home very Walmart case suggested answers last night and picked up his check when he got in to the office they place it in his employee mail box. For different reasons we have closed our checking account and have not opened a new one yet and the bank the company uses was closedtoday.

So, we went to WalMart's Money Center to cash his check. Have done this before for his paycheck and for other checks, like insurance reimbursement checks, etc.

Today, the paycheck was declined. Walmart uses Certegy Check Services. WalMart could not tell us why but gave us a number to call. The first time we called, we kept getting a message that "no operator was available"I I then called the number for the bank the check was written on, they said that they, of course, could not give us information on the account but there should be no reason for the check to be declined.

We had somewhere we had to be so we decided to try later.


We went to a different WalMart, thinking something was wrong in the system at the first one. So we stayed in the store and called the number. They said the check had been "previously approved", but could not explain why.

And they suggested we just take the check somewhere that their system is not used. We tried three other area stores that cash pay checks--found out they all used the same system. All three said they had been having the same problem for the past couple of days and there must be something going on in the system.

I came home and called Certegy again. All they could tell me is that the check was "previously approved". I asked for an explanation of what that means. And all I was told was that it doesn't mean the check has been cashed.

Well, obviously, since I had the check in hand. I told the lady on the phone that there has to be someone that can explain what is going on or at least tell me how it was approved. She said that no they couldn't tell me that because there was no approval number????

I spoke to a supervisor.

Walmart case suggested answers

So, finally, I asked to speak to who ever was over the supervisor. First she kept saying "it won't do any good, no one can fix this" HUH?? Finally, I told her that I didn't care if it could be fixed, I wanted to speak to someone over her.

I got a voice mail We finally called Dh's employer at home and cashed the check.

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We met her at her bank, she used her ATM card to withdraw the money and dh signed the check over to her. So, that tells me there is nothing wrong with their account.

So, I was just wondering if anyone else has had this kind of experience or any dealings with them that just didn't make sense. I will go next week and open a new account somewhere that is open on Saturdays so we won't be dealing with this again.

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Did they take your drivers license number and put in the computer? If they did I would guess you have a bad check on system some where? I would call check systems and see what's going on.Background Information Competitor Analysis SWOT Analysis Walmart Case Study Founded in The largest revenue.

million employee. Most notable Operating division. Suggested Answer: Student answers will vary, but good students will probably state that Target changed its mix in response to the economic climate to focus more on value and less on trends, because they were losing customers and market share to Walmart and .

Vedder’s Positive Case for Walmart. Well, since the Independent Institute’s been raised, maybe I’ll respond. Richard Vedder. Yeah. You answer this one.

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David Theroux. What is being suggested here is that Walmart should ignore where demand and supply curves cross. They should pay a wage above what it takes to get workers. Nov 18,  · i used to artwork at walmart and any day of the week you may circulate in and as you're sorting out, say this merchandise is plenty at this keep, they could provide you that merchandise for that plenty.

would not count in case you have data or no Resolved. value chain, five forces analysis, SWOT, wal mart case involves strategic fit at our global industry analysis course Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.

Walmart utilizes a computer-based scheduling system that prioritizes employee flexibility over schedule regularity.

Working parents who need regular childcare have been forced to quit their jobs due to Walmart’s scheduling policies.

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