Underwriting assistant jobs dallas

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Underwriting assistant jobs dallas

underwriting assistant jobs dallas

This permits grouping of occupational wage rates representing comparable job content. Handicapped workers whose pay are reduced because of their handicap are also excluded. The titles and numeric codes below the job titles in this appendix are taken from the edition of the Standard Occupational Classification Manual SOCissued by the U.

In general, the occupational descriptions of the Bureau of Labor Statistics are much more specific than those found in the SOC manual. The BLS occupation, "Attorney," for example, excludes workers engaged in patent work; the SOC occupation code includes patent lawyers. Thus, in comparing the results of this survey with other sources, factors such as differences in occupational definitions and survey scope should be taken into consideration.

Accountant and auditor Performs professional operating or cost accounting work requiring knowledge of the theory and practice of recording, classifying, examining, and analyzing the data and records of financial transactions.

Positions covered by this definition are characterized by the inclusion of work that is analytical, creative, evaluative, and advisory in nature. The work draws upon and requires a thorough knowledge of the fundamental doctrines, theories, principles, and terminology of accountancy, and often entails some understanding of such related fields as business law, statistics, and general management.

Professional responsibilities in accountant positions above levels 1 and 2 include several such duties as: Analyzing the effects of transactions upon account relationships; 2. Evaluating alternative means of treating transactions; 3. Planning the manner in which account structures should be developed or modified; 4.

Assuring the adequacy of the accounting system as the basis for reporting to management; 5. Considering the need for new or changed controls; 6. Projecting accounting data to show the effects of proposed plans on capital investments, income, cash position, and overall financial condition; 7.

Interpreting the meaning of accounting records, reports, and statements; 8. Advising operating officials on accounting matters; and 9.

Recommending improvements, adaptations, or revisions in the accounting system and procedures. Accountant 1 and 2 positions provide opportunity to develop ability to perform professional duties such as those enumerated above.

In addition to such professional work, most accountants are also responsible for assuring the proper recording and documentation of transactions in the accounts.

They, therefore, frequently direct nonprofessional personnel in the actual day-to-day maintenance of books of accounts, the accumulation of cost or other comparable data, the preparation of standard reports and statements, and similar work.

Positions involving such supervisory work but not including professional duties as described above are not included in this description. Some accountants use electronic data processing equipment to process, record, and report accounting data.

In some such cases the machine unit is a subordinate segment of the accounting system; in others it is a separate entity or is attached to some other organization. In either instance, provided that the primary responsibility of the position is professional accounting work of the type otherwise included, the use of data processing equipment of any type does not of itself exclude a position from the accountant description nor does it change its level.

Top technical experts in accounting, for an organization, who are responsible for the overall direction of an entire accounting program which includes general accounting and at least one other major accounting activity such as cost, property, sales, or tax accounting; b. Accountants above level 6 who are more concerned with administrative, budgetary, and policy matters than the day-to-day supervision of an operating accounting program; and c.

Accountants primarily responsible for 1 designing and improving accounting systems or 2 performing nonoperating staff work such as budget or financial analysis, financial analysis, or tax advising. Accountant 1 General characteristics. As an entry-level accountant, learns to apply the principles, theories, and concepts of accounting to a specific system.

The position is distinguishable from nonprofessional positions by the variety of assignments; rate and scope of development expected; and the existence, implicit or explicit, of a planned training program designed to give the entering accountant practical experience.

Terminal positions are excluded. Limits of assignments are clearly defined, methods of procedure are specified, and kinds of items to be noted and referred to supervisor are identified.Please click on the paralegal or legal assistant jobs of your choice below to see them in more detail.

These are a few of the paralegal jobs and legal assistant jobs we . Accounting Internship Jobs description It is a well-established fact that, accounting as a profession is a rewarding career not only in terms of monetary benefits. Accounting Associate Jobs description An accounting associate is mostly responsible for reviewing subsidiary profit center/segment results, preparation of enterprise footnote disclosures and enterprise consolidating journals, GAAP financial reporting and analysis, overseeing accounts payable and accounts receivable; and processing finance agreements.

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underwriting assistant jobs dallas

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