The river between

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The river between

List of drainage basins by area The Mississippi River has the world's fourth-largest drainage basin "watershed" or "catchment". The drainage basin empties into the Gulf of Mexicopart of the Atlantic Ocean. The retention time from Lake Itasca to the Gulf is typically about 90 days.

These images demonstrate that the plume did not mix with the surrounding sea water immediately. Instead, it stayed intact as it flowed through the Gulf of Mexico, into the Straits of Floridaand entered the Gulf Stream. The Mississippi River water rounded the tip of Florida and traveled up the southeast coast to the latitude of Georgia before finally mixing in so thoroughly with the ocean that it could no longer be detected by MODIS.

The reduction in sediment transported down the Mississippi River is the result of engineering modification of the Mississippi, Missouri, and Ohio rivers and their tributaries by dams, meander cutoffsriver-training structures, and bank revetments and soil erosion control programs in the areas drained by them.

Through a natural process known as avulsion or delta switching, the lower Mississippi River has shifted its final course to the mouth of the Gulf of Mexico every thousand years or so.

This occurs because the deposits of silt and sediment begin to clog its channel, raising the river's level and causing it to eventually find a steeper, more direct route to the Gulf of Mexico.

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The abandoned distributaries diminish in volume and form what are known as bayous. The currently active delta lobe is called the Birdfoot Delta, after its shape, or the Balize Deltaafter The river between Balize, Louisianathe first French settlement at the mouth of the Mississippi.

The southernmost extent of this enormous glaciation extended well into the present-day United States and Mississippi basin.

The river between

When the ice sheet began to recede, hundreds of feet of rich sediment were deposited, creating the flat and fertile landscape of the Mississippi Valley. During the melt, giant glacial rivers found drainage paths into the Mississippi watershed, creating such features as the Minnesota RiverJames Riverand Milk River valleys.

When the ice sheet completely retreated, many of these "temporary" rivers found paths to Hudson Bay or the Arctic Ocean, leaving the Mississippi Basin with many features "oversized" for the existing rivers to have carved in the same time period.

Ice sheets during the Illinoian Stageabouttoyears before present, blocked the Mississippi near Rock Island, Illinois, diverting it to its present channel farther to the west, the current western border of Illinois. The last Ice Age ended; world sea level became what it is now.

Bayou Teche became the main course of the Mississippi. The Mississippi diverted further east. Bayou Lafourche became the main course of the Mississippi.

The river between

The Mississippi's present course took over. The Red River of the South flowed parallel to the lower Mississippi to the sea 15th century: Turnbull's Bend in the lower Mississippi extended so far west that it captured the Red River of the South.

The Red River below the captured section became the Atchafalaya River.

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Shreve dug a new short course for the Mississippi through the neck of Turnbull's Bend. The Great Raft a huge logjam in the Atchafalaya River was cleared.

The Atchafalaya started to capture the Mississippi and to become its new main lower course. Cahokia's rise and fall linked to river flooding article in Popular Archaeology periodical Historic course changes[ edit ] In Marchthe Mississippi suddenly changed course near the settlement of Reverie, Tennesseeleaving a small part of Tipton County, Tennesseeattached to Arkansas and separated from the rest of Tennessee by the new river channel.

Since this event was an avulsionrather than the effect of incremental erosion and deposition, the state line still follows the old channel. Founded as a French colonial community, it later became the capital of the Illinois Territory and was the first state capital of Illinois until Beginning insuccessive flooding caused the Mississippi River to slowly encroach east.

A major flood in caused it to overtake the lower 10 miles of the Kaskaskia River, forming a new Mississippi channel and cutting off the town from the rest of the state. Later flooding destroyed most of the remaining town, including the original State House. Today, the remaining 2, acre island and community of 14 residents is known as an enclave of Illinois and is accessible only from the Missouri side.

Louis, is related to an aulacogen failed rift that formed at the same time as the Gulf of Mexico. This area is still quite active seismically.

Four great earthquakes in andestimated at approximately 8 on the Richter magnitude scalehad tremendous local effects in the then sparsely settled area, and were felt in many other places in the midwestern and eastern U. These earthquakes created Reelfoot Lake in Tennessee from the altered landscape near the river.

Length[ edit ] When measured from its traditional source at Lake Itascathe Mississippi has a length of 2, miles 3, km.

When measured from its longest stream source most distant source from the seaBrower's Spring in Montanathe source of the Missouri Riverit has a length of 3, miles, making it the fourth longest river in the world after the NileAmazonand Yangtze.Friday November 9th, 8PM Visual Arts Center of Richmond Bad Reputation: The Joan Jett Story () A journey through Joan Jett’s life and career, from her early years as founder of “The Runaways” and first collaborations with Kenny Laguna to her status as rock icon.

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