The massacre of the innocents

As we move into the Sundays following Christmas and begin to anticipate Epiphany, we face the terror of the coming week's Gospel reading, the Massacre or Slaughter of the Innocents.

The massacre of the innocents

Excerpt In the December issue of National Geographic there was a well illustrated article on the recent excavations at the Herodian. In the article, the author made this bold statement, reflecting current historical and theological understanding: Was Herod the Great really innocent of this crime, or did this criminal act actually happen?

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The massacre of the innocents

In the December issue of National Geographic there was a well illustrated article on the recent excavations at the Herodian. Michael Grant, a popular writer on historical themes says of the Massacre of the Innocents: Was the slaughter of the innocents a tale, myth, folk-lore, or legend? Or was it a historical event?

Unfortunately archaeologists have yet to excavate the archives of the Jerusalem Post from the year 4 BC! Nor does the first century AD Jewish historian, Flavius Josephus record this event in any of his writings.

Even though secular history is silent on this event it does not mean it did not occur. When the life of Herod the Great is examined, this event is very consistent with his character and actions so this is pointing to the fact that it did happen as recorded in Holy Scripture.

The Gospel of Matthew records the event in this manner: Then was fulfilled what was spoken by Jeremiah the prophet, saying: His topic was the life of Herod the Great. Sitting next to me was Dr. Bruce Narramore, a Christian psychologist from Biola University. Gafni recounted a seminar that was held at Hebrew University a few years before.

Attending it were historians and archaeologists of the Second Temple period as well as psychiatrists and psychologists. They laid out figuratively speaking Herod the Great on the psychiatric couch and preceded to psychoanalyze him. The historians explained a recurring pattern in the life of Herod.

He would hear a rumor that somebody was going to bump him off and take over his throne, but Herod would kill that person first. He would then go into depression. After awhile he would come out of his depression and would build, build, build.

He would hear another rumor and would kill that person, then go into another depression. After awhile he would come out of this depression and would build, build, build. This cycle repeated itself a number of times in which numerous people were killed, including one of his ten wives as well as three of his sons!

The shrinks diagnosed Herod the Great as a paranoid schizophrenic. After the lecture I turned to Dr. Narramore and asked his analysis of Herod: The Historical Plausibility of the Slaughter of the Innocents It is true; Josephus does not record the slaughter of the innocents in Bethlehem.

He does, however, record a number of ruthless murders by Herod in order to keep his throne secure. He was, however, a king without a kingdom. Upon his return to the Land of Israel, he was given a Roman army and was eventually able to capture Jerusalem. The first order of business was to eliminate his Hasmonean predecessors.

Herod continued to purge the Hasmonean family.Massacre of the Innocents Between the two parts of the narrative of the Holy Family’s flight into Egypt, several verses describe the cruelty of King Herod who, in order to be sure of killing Jesus, decided to exterminate all children in Bethlehem and its vicinity who were two years old and under.

The Massacre of the Innocents. about , Gerolamo Mocetto. The Massacre of the Innocents. about , Gerolamo Mocetto. Why can't I download this image?

Massacre Of The Innocents

Explore the paintings Go to artist A-Z; These paintings are probably fragments from a single work. Share this painting. Two events occur between Jesus' birth and the massacre of of the innocents, if the gospels are to be relied on. The first is the visit of the Magi and the second is .

THE MASSACRE OF THE INNOCENTS By Giambattista Marino Translated, with an introduction, by Erik Butler. A finely crafted epic and literary monstrosity from the seventeenth-century “poet of the marvelous”: the harrowing account, in four bloody cantos, of King Herod and his campaign to murder the male infants of his kingdom to prevent the loss of his throne to the prophesied King of the Jews.

The Massacre Of The Innocents, a scene from the New Testament Fairfax, VA - December 14, T-shirts with the names of the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre blow in the wind during a vigil held outside of the National Rifle Association.

The massacre of the innocents

Poussin's gut-wrenching Massacre of the Innocents was inspired by a story from the New Testament found in the Gospel of Matthew (Matthew 2: ).

The Slaughter of the Innocents: Historical Fact or Legendary Fiction?