The influence of the law on congress

A worker may receive overtime pay plus equal time off for each hour worked on certain agreed days, such as public holidays. In the United States, such arrangements are currently legal in the public sector but not in the private sector. With comp time, the worker could or would have to forgo the 12 hours of overtime pay and instead take 8 paid hours off at some future date.

The influence of the law on congress

Overview[ edit ] The central argument of Republic, Lost is that members of the US Congress are dependent upon funding from large donors. Lessig sees the system as "legal but corrupt", and that the pivotal point of the corruption is campaign finance.

A poll conducted for the book showed that the American public is cynical about American politics: Our current tax system with all its complexities is in part designed to make it easier for candidates, in particular congressmen, to raise money to get back to congress For each of the Tells, Lessig identifies what could be an illogical choice made over years of Congressional decision-making, and ends with a statement similar to the following: Did the contributions and lobbying buy this apparently inconsistent result?

Do the contributions and lobbying make it harder to believe that this is a principled or consistent or sensible result? Kaiser is a journalist for the Washington Post who did a series of articles on lobbyist Gerald Cassidy. A large group of companies and individuals make money from helping their clients negotiate the complexity of the US income tax system—and would lose money if it were simpler.

The Internal Revenue Service The influence of the law on congress gets most of the information needed to complete an income tax return for most citizens and could send taxpayers a draft return. Taxpayers could either accept the IRS bill as is, submit it with modifications similar to how consumers challenge charges on a credit card they didn't makeor create a new one completely from scratch.

The IRS recommends that taxpayers file electronically — e-filing saves the government time and money, and is more accurate than IRS employees who type in the data from paper returns. But the IRS refuses to set up its own Web portal to receive the filings.

In most cases, the companies charge an extra fee for e-filing. In other countries, free and direct electronic filing is a given.

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Steve Ryan, a lawyer for the tax-preparation industry who negotiated a deal that has the IRS promising not to set up its own Web portal for e-filing, says his argument was simple. Thus, for every dollar collected in federal taxes, Americans spend between 6 and 30 cents additional for tax preparation and doing things that are otherwise contrary to their own and society's interests to reduce their tax burden.

For all the reasons cited above and many more described in the bookLessig concludes that, "corruption is the gateway problem: Candidates and issue campaigns could get this money only if they agreed to accept only Democracy Vouchers and contributions capped at double this amount per individual or group contributor.

This plan is similar to one proposed by Bruce Ackerman in called Patriot Dollars or voting with dollars.


Congress could pass a law reforming campaign funding; A popular, non-politician "supercandidate" could run for the House of Representatives in multiple jurisdictions in the same state, promising to stay in the race until other candidates promise to reform their campaign funding procedures; An elected president could prevent the government from functioning until Congress enacts campaign finance reform; A Constitutional Convention could propose a Constitutional Amendment requiring campaign finance reform.

Of the approaches, Lessig suggested that the fourth strategy was the most probable to succeed. Lessig argued that a constitutional convention would get around debilitating Supreme Court decisions which allow virtually unrestricted campaign contributions under the banner of free speech.

McChesney 's work emphasizes the role of the media in enabling the corruption described in Republic, Lost. McChesney's Problem of the Media discusses the narrowing of the range of acceptable political discourse the flowed from increased concentration of ownership of the media growth of the major media conglomeratesasserting "that investigative journalism has all but disappeared from the nation's commercial airwaves.

They claim that substantive reform is needed in the structure of the media industry. A study of 14 congressional hearings reported that 1, witnesses argued in favor of programs, while only 7 argued against.

They cite studies suggesting that the public in other countries tend to be better informed and better engaged politically than in the US as a result of public funding of investigative journalism analogous to what Generals Eisenhower and MacArthur imposed upon Germany and Japan after World War II.

Related issues[ edit ] In conjunction with other efforts, Lessig has started an activist group called Rootstrikers.

The influence of the law on congress

Lessig made comments at Zuccotti Park in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street protesters, reiterating many of the points from Republic, Lost, and exhorted the Occupy movement to ally with the Tea Party movement to fight government corruption.Through legislative debate and compromise, the U.S.

Congress makes laws that influence our daily lives. It holds hearings to inform the legislative process, conducts investigations to oversee the executive branch, and serves as the voice of the people and the states in the federal government.

Overtime is the amount of time someone works beyond normal working term is also used for the pay received for this time. Normal hours may be determined in several ways: by custom (what is considered healthy or reasonable by society).

The Legislative Context: Factors that Influence Members of Congress and the Laws that Are Made There are as many factors that influence Members of Congress as there are Members, but the most common influences include political parties, staff, colleagues, the President, organized interest groups, and .

The influence of the law on congress

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Feb 16,  · Of course, the law recognizes problems with the flow of public officials to lobbying firms. Current law requires a two-year waiting period before a member of Congress or staffer enters the.

The Saylor Foundation!1! The Legislative Context: Factors that Influence Members of Congress and the Laws that Are Made There are as many factors that influence Members of Congress as there are.

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