The day i first rode a go kart essay

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The day i first rode a go kart essay

Classical Japanese music slowly filled the room as my alarm went off. My mind was fuzzy with the last remnants of a dream being chased away by the rude realization that I was awake. It was a wonderful dream—something about living in Japan. But then I remembered: I am living in Japan!

I was carrying out a life-long dream and goal of mine to visit a land that I had heard and learned so much about, but had never had the opportunity to visit. That is, until the life-changing summer of I clearly remember being in complete disbelief when the acceptance letter came in the mail.

However, although excited beyond belief, I never truly felt like I was going to Japan until my first night there.

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Even when we conducted the facility tour and everyone spoke Japanese, it never quite hit me until free time that day. Having finished our business for the day, I excitedly began my first, real adventure in Japan. Like a majority of the mippers, I decided to go biking with a group of friends. I felt, for the first time, that I was a part of something special.

And it would only get better from there. Unsurprisingly, we all wanted to go everywhere. There was Rinku Town, home to several neat shops, delicious restaurants, and the colorful ferris wheel.

A tad farther away was Aeon Mall, full of literally everything.

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The prospect of having to choose only one made it nearly impossible. Our indecision led to the group splitting up to go our separate ways.

However, I still had a wonderful first night. I went to a small ramen shop where I had my first authentic Japanese conversation.

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Unfortunately, neither my friend nor I could understand anything the waiter was trying to say; we barely even knew what we had ordered. Nonetheless, it still tasted good! Following our meal we explored the unfamiliar rocky beach and took a stroll along the coast until it started to rain.

Not ready to end our first adventure, we huddled under an umbrella and miraculously made our way to Rinku Town. But as curfew approached, we had to bring our adventures to an end and we unwillingly walked back to the institute.

Overall, however, my experiences at the restaurant and at Rinku Town relieved my disbelief. I finally felt like I was in Japan.

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The rest of the trip was nothing short of amazing and truly inspiring. Traveling throughout the Tohoku region, listening to the stories of the affected, witnessing the rebirth of cities was one of my favorite parts of the trip.

I learned so much not only about the tsunami and earthquake, but also human nature. The people of Japan have imparted on me some of the most valuable lessons I have ever received. These people who have experienced more destruction, depression, and trauma on one day than many of us will never even experience in a lifetime happily and willingly accepted thirty-one strangers with open arms.

These people chose to be happy, instead of sad.Feb 21,  · We then went over to the Route 66 section of the park and rode Go Karts! The Go Carts are so much fun and fast!

We then took a tour of the whole park including the all . Real World 'Mario Kart' Exists, And It Should Be In The Olympics By Cate Matthews YouTube user Devin Graham posted a video of friends riding grass karts in Kurrajong Heights, outside of Sydney.


The day i first rode a go kart essay

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