Symbolism in rocking horse winner

He rode on the horse so as to bring luck to the family since her mother told her that their family is unlucky and that luck is what causes one to have money. Rocking horse is also a symbol the desire for fortune and money.

Symbolism in rocking horse winner

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Lawrence utilizes the character Hester as a symbol of greed to display the effects of materialism. Lawrence uses money to prove that avarice and negligence of a mother can contribute to the deterioration of an innocent, young child.

She represents both greed and selfishness and her desire in life is to acquire large sums of money. Hester is notably materialistic and values lavish possessions more than her own children.

Lawrence stresses the fact that Hester is incapable of developing an emotional attachment to her children. She feels that the children are a burden to her lifestyle and values wealth more than love.

She is entirely consumed by greed and can only feel passion for money, a substitution for love. Only she herself knew that at the center of her heart was a hard little place that could not feel love.

Sample Thesis: Symbols in "The Rocking Horse Winner"

Hester appears to be the ideal mother, filled with tenderness and devoted to her children. She projects the image of being a caring mother, but actually has a heart that is incapable of warmth and affection.

Hester cannot love any human being. She loves neither her husband nor her children. Money is the only item that Hester can truly embrace. Her constant need for money and endless debts place Hester in financial trouble. Hester offers no comfort to Paul. She remains by his bedside, but never expresses her feelings for him.

She allows Paul to pass away, without telling him that he is loved. Paul dies feeling neglected and detached from his mother because her interest lies in the money he has succeeded in winning for her. The financial state of Hester is a burden that eventually overpowers Paul and contributes to his demise.

He is able to predict the winners of various horse races through the use of his rocking horse. Paul rides the horse around an imaginary track in a trance-like state, oblivious to the world around him. Paul is in a constant battle with emotional problems, created by a lack of love from his mother.

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He is greatly troubled and has in some ways lost the innocence of his childhood. The rocking horse changes from a simple toy to a symbol of death, as it acts to transport Paul away from his life.

Even though Paul is able to win his mother a large sum of money, he later dies of exhaustion from frantically riding the rocking horse.Get an answer for 'Who or what is responsible for Paul's death in "The Rocking Horse Winner"?' and find homework help for other The Rocking-Horse Winner questions at eNotes.

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Symbolism in rocking horse winner

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