Syberia 2 clock problem algebra

If it reappears, try to use it. Also click on the character for the possibility of more conversation even when all possibilities seem exhausted…. Sometimes you can start new, though short, conversations three or four times.

Syberia 2 clock problem algebra

Romansburg Wind the Train Turn around and walk towards the rear of the train, and you will find Hans. Talk to him about everything, then head back to the front of the train and go outside. You will meet the Colonel very briefly, then he will head off.

Go down to the front of the train and talk to Oscar. Now turn the wheel on the device next to the train, and pull the lever on its left side.

Turn the wheel again to retract the winder, then talk to Oscar once more. Fix the Coal Dispenser Go back to the main train platform and approach the first building. Note the girl beneath the tracks here, then pull the lever - the coal dispenser does not work. Run down to the far end of the platform and pull the lever, but nothing happens.

Look at the gate and examine the keyhole - you can't do anything here yet. Go into the building where the Colonel entered previously. Talk to the Colonel, who is now behind the counter. Head back outside and talk to Malka, who is beneath the railing near the coal machine. She wants some candy in exchange for the gate key.

Back in the general store, look at the 3 candy machines on the table near the door - they all contain different types of candy, and require coins to operate.

Lesson Advanced clock problems

Head towards the Colonel, then look at the desk to the right. Take the small key, and note the phone number on the bottom of the broken candy machine. Talk to the Colonel about things again, then use your phone to dial Candyroff They weren't much help, so head back to the 3 candy machines on the table.

Use your small key on the drawers at the bottom of each machine, and you will get some coins from the one on the right. Now try the coins in the machines - you need to use the 5th coin in the left machine and the 2nd in the middle machine, then take the two types of candy.

You can't get anything from the right machine. Head outside again and talk to Malka. Give her the sugar candy, and you will get the gate key. Go to the far end of the platform and use this key to unlock the gate.

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Go down the stairs and head right to see a strange machine hanging beneath the rails. Now go left and talk to Malka again.

syberia 2 clock problem algebra

Head to the left to be beneath the coal dispenser. Look at the generator, and try pressing the red button, then take the empty red can. Walk back towards Malka, then enter the building on the right. Approach the stage and look at the horse automatons, then head to the bar and talk to Cirkos.

Back outside again, head left and approach the wooden fence to meet the Bourgoff brothers. After talking to Ivan about everything, go left again and look at the second Cirkos poster on the fence. Tear the poster down and climb through the gap. Now open the cage to let Youki out and distract Ivan.

While he is gone, head over and swap your empty red can with his full one. Leave the yard and return to the generator. Pour your petrol into it, then press the red button. Now you can return upstairs and use the coal dispenser to put coal in the train.

Enter Cirkos' cabaret again and you will see Hans have a fit. Talk to him back in the train, then go forward in the train and talk to Oscar. Head down the stairs again and talk to Malka, then Cirkos about the monks and the monastery.

Go back and talk to Malka once more to get a token for the shroud dispenser and learn how to use the shroud. Go up to the general store and talk to the Colonel, who offers you warm clothes if you can find some.Creepypasta Wiki:Chat/Logs/11 May Creepypasta Wiki:Chat/Logs.

Edit. History Talk (0). Syberia (Full) - Kindle Fire Edition: A gripping script that goes beyond your imagination Rich and intriguing characters Film-like camera angles, movements and framing Original and creative puzzles An incomparable and unique atmosphere Great for problem solving, motor planning and creative play.

Time / Clock Ocean depth Two Dots @Game. User:Mr. Briggs Inc./Fringe Market. From Uncyclopedia, the content-free encyclopedia. clock-gated life.

syberia 2 clock problem algebra

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