Swimming micheal phelps

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Swimming micheal phelps

He did not disappoint! Michael Phelps Photo Credit: Rio via Facebook Michael Phelps was just years old when he competed in what would become his signature event — the m butterfly — at the Sydney Olympics. I was within half a second of medaling — it was literally, if I would have taken it out a little bit faster, maybe I would have had a chance.

Swimming micheal phelps

His total medal haul included six golds m and m butterfly, m and m individual medleys, and the 4xm and 4xm freestyle relays as well as two bronze medals m freestyle and the 4xm freestyle relay.

But Phelps was just getting started! At the Beijing Games Phelps became the first athlete in Olympic history to take home gold medals in all his events — eight in total! What was even more impressive was that while doing so, he set seven new world records and one new Olympic record!

He became the first male swimmer to win the m butterfly and m individual medley at three consecutive Games.

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He also took home the gold in the 4xm freestyle relay and the 4xm medley. Additionally, the swimmer won silver in the 4xm freestyle relay and the m butterfly. But thankfully, Phelps changed his mind and began training for the Games in But their doubts were unfounded.

Last week, under the watchful, albeit sleepy, eyes of his 3-month-old son Boomer, Phelps proved that he still had what it takes to be a champion. The amazing swimmer once again medaled in all his events, adding five golds and one silver to his already extensive collection.

Rio via Facebook Of course, no Olympics would be complete without Phelps breaking a record or two.

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At the Rio Games, the decorated athlete became the first person to win the fourth consecutive Olympic gold in the meter individual medley. He is now also the second-oldest swimmer to win gold in an individual race. Prior to Phelps, the largest number of medals won by an Olympic athlete was 9!

As of now, both Bolt and Phelps are adamant about not returning to the Games.MICHAEL PHELPS RARE AUTOGRAPHED 16 X 20 PHOTO USA OLYMPIC SWIMMING 18 GOLD MEDALS JSA.

AutographedMichael Phelps 16 X 20 USA Olympic swimming photo. Classic image of thegreatest Olympian of all-time! Michael has a record 18Gold medals in his career! As you know, Michael Phelps is one of the most famous athletes in the timberdesignmag.com & PCI Secure Shopping · Lowest Price Guarantee · Free Shipping Available · Price Match Guarantee.

Watch video · Michael Phelps was born on June 30, in Baltimore, Maryland.

Swimming micheal phelps

Family and Early Life The youngest of three children, Michael Phelps grew up in the neighborhood of Rodgers Forge. Apr 16,  · Michael Phelps’ workouts were the stuff of legend: 80, meters swam every week, 8, to 10, calories consumed every day, two hours of .

Aug 05,  · Fourth, Michael Phelps is swimming the last race of the evening.

This Michael Phelps is the (not so) young, (not so) good-looking, but talented writer of police procedural, detective, crime, and courtroom drama genre novels, all based on actual cases. This Michael Phelps has lived a long, complicated life. Contrast this experience with Michael Phelps in the Beijing Olympics. In the meter butterfly as Phelps went for the 10th gold medal of his career, disaster struck. Immediately after diving in his goggles started to fill with water. Phelps on the all-time Olympic medal table A selected all-time medal table shows Phelps in joint 35th position, ahead of the likes of India, which has a population of over billion.

He is the "main event". Unfortunatly this idea was promoted first by Cavic (from what I know). This is the guy who thinks he won in Beijing (almost as bad as the French relay saying w/e it was they said, "we played right into your hands" or w/e it was).

But it is nice to see. Jun 27,  · Justin Lynch is faster than Michael Phelps at INDIANAPOLIS – On Thursday night at the world championship trials, year-old Justin Lynch beat year-old Michael Phelps .

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