Speech on why smacking should be

In France, violence against children is banned, but parents have the "right to discipline" their children. In the UK, parents are allowed to smack their children if it constitutes "reasonable chastisement and does not leave a serious mark," but experts continue to call for the practice to be banned outright.

Speech on why smacking should be

Posted by Pete George on October 25, https: Martin has been a member of the New Zealand First Party since She dropped to party 3 when Ron Mark challenged her and took over as deputy.

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She is expected to become a Cabinet Minister in the incoming government. NZ First Speech on why smacking should be promote referenda as a way of allowing the public to decide — from their Social Development policy: The have proposed a number of referenda.

Winston Peters promised a referendum on the Maori seats in the recent election campaign, although it looks like that has been lost in negotiations with Labour.

Speech on why smacking should be

It would be surprising if Labour or Greens supported this. During the election campaign Martin explained how she saw referenda being used in an interview at the University of Otago, starting at about Split that off from medicinal marijuana, New Zealand First has already said we support medicinal marijuana through a prescription regime.

Euthanasia was not a topic that was campaigned on at the last election, so how would you have been able to vote on the political party, if you had strong beliefs on that particular topic, how would you have been able to vote for a particular party on that issue, which is a big issue for a nation.

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NZ First proposals to radically change our economic system is far more substantial — should any policies changing our economic system go to a referendum? This is an oddly NZ First-centric principle. Why should it only apply to things NZ First has no policy or campaign position on?

My also hope is that it might actually make feel connected too.

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I believe that you have the same intelligence that anybody sitting in that House has, and so you should see the piece of legislation, you should get the regulatory impact statement, you should get the full Parliamentary blurb that we get, and then after twelve months you should vote on it.

I think that in principle this is a good idea. I have suggested this sort of process for legalising or decriminalising cannabis — a bill should be passed through the normal parliamentary processes, and then go to the public for ratification or rejection via a referendum.

There are some potential down sides, especially if one referendum is held to put a number of issues to the public. There could be a lot of material to distribute and to digest. Instead of handing out the full legislation plus regulatory statement and any other blurb perhaps a fair summary should be written and distributed.

Those who have the time or inclination could obtain all the material online or request it all to be posted out.

But generally I think that this is a promising approach to contentious issues of public importance, write the legislation and if it passes through Parliament put it too the people for ratification or rejection. This would encourage our Parliamentarians to write and pass legislation that made sense to the public and addressed public concerns.

I think this would work well for both euthanasia and for recreational cannabis use. That would enable a large majority to make a decision that really just affects a relatively small minority. The use of referendums could be a significant issue in itself this term.


Last term the flag referendums were a democratic disaster, with political game playing and deliberate disruption making a mess of the process. Somehow that has to be avoided in the future. That suggests major change to me.

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Should any major change to the way we run the country economically or socially be ratified by the public via referenda? Peters has been quite vague about what changes he wants. Once he clarifies and suggests specific changes should we the people get to decide on whether it should happen or not?So why isn’t smacking banned in the UK?

It’s a controversial subject. The Scottish Government is currently consulting on a ban and the Welsh Government plans to do the same in the next 12 months. Helpful, trusted answers from doctors: Dr. Ranchod -- Dr. Ranch on lip smacking: I use lip balm to prevent blisters as i seem to have a virus that goes nuts with a cracked lip after sun exposure.

Speech on why smacking should be

One can be allergic to one or more of the ingredients in the balm. Lip smacking: a repititive movement involving a loud smacking of the lips. See detailed information below for a list of 5 causes of Lip smacking, Symptom Checker, including diseases and . Jan 08,  · Oprah’s speech highlights WHY she was so good at her job.

I was so inspired by her speech but I rrrrreeeeaaalllllyyy need people to stop with the idea (serious idea I should say) that Oprah/Hanks should happen. WASHINGTON — Corporal punishment remains a widely used discipline technique in most American families, but it has also been a subject of controversy within the .

Let's talk about making smacking children illegal Children are the most vulnerable and dependent members of our society but it's still legal to hit them in Australia. A call for reform launched.

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