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Ready to go right out of the box, this all-in-one touch-screen computer displays a big button menu on the screen at all times, providing simple access to most functions like the Internet, email, games, video chat, photo sharing, news and weather, and more. Running on Linux software instead of the standard Windows or Mac OS, the Telikin is also virus-resistant, comes with a day trial period, a one-year warranty and free tech support.

Simple gift

If you realize you skipped a stitch 2 rows ago, just keep going! If you run out of yarn before you get through all the rows? Just skip to the end of the pattern and finish off as directed! Though you might want to pull out a row to make the tie at the end. This pattern Simple gift worked in a spiral, so there is no join at the end of the rounds.

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Using K hook, ch Work a sc in the first ch made, making the loop to work in the round. Dc in the next ch. Ch 5, sk the remaining unworked starting chains and the sc from Round 1.

Dc in the first dc from Round 1, then dc again in the ch 5 sp. Rounds 3 — Continue working [ch 5, sk next dc, dc in the next dc and the ch 5 sp] in a continuous spiral. The pattern will seem to slant to the left as you work, as seen below.

To finish off, ch 5, sk next dc, sc in the next dc, and use seamless join in the next ch. Instructions for the Button Tie Embellishment optional: Thread button on remaining yarn using a sewing or tapestry needle.

Slip the button down close to the hook, and skipping over the button, sl st in the 2nd ch from the hook trapping the button in the loop.

Ch 8 sts for size button shown or long enough to create a loop that fits tightly around the button. Sl st in the same ch as last sl st, sl st in next 2 ch. Break yarn and finish off ends. To wear, slip button behind cowl and pull it toward the front.

Pass button through loop made in Step 3. Let ends fly and jet off to the spa! Or wherever you want to look fabulous.

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A few people have expressed the need for more explicit instructions for the tie. You start by threading the button on the yarn, and then then push it down the yarn a couple feet, away from the starting end, out of the way. Then you make your slip knot like you normally would, and chain for about 18 inches, pushing the button further down the yarn out of the way as needed.

Then, slip stitch in the 2nd ch from the hook, making sure that you yarn over using the yarn from the other side of the button — effectively trapping the button in that space. Then continue as directed.

This scarf pattern is practically foolproof! What are you waiting for? With just one skein of yarn, you can have a sexy cowl and scarf to wear everywhere this season, and with the button embellishment pattern you can change up the look in seconds!

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Written pattern copyright Tamara Kelly Please do not reprint or repost this pattern, but please feel free to link to this page to share this pattern with others.Simple Gifts Lyrics: 'Tis the gift to be simple / 'tis the gift to be free / 'Tis the gift to come down / Where we ought to be / And when we find ourselves / .

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Simple gift

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