Recommendation report for water provision methods

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Recommendation report for water provision methods

How to Write a Summary of an Article? Write a Recommendation Report Module Code: Group W Module Title: Skill for Study 2 Assessment Title: Write a recommendation report in which you compare three possible methods for water provision in arid region of your choice.

Friday 2nd Dec, Word count: Social impact7 6Conclusions8 7Recommendation8 8Reference9 Introduction In some developing country,arid are able to cause poverty and death, so it is important to provide clean, cheap and sustainable water to those residents living in arid area.

However to supply water in arid regions can be a great challenge, it should concern about cost, sustainability, environmental impact and social impact.

This report will Recommendation report for water provision methods on 3 methods of water prevision: Desalination, Rain Harvesting System and Dam. The report aims to analyses 3 different water prevision methods, and find out which is fit the situation in Middle East.

In order to achieve this aim, report will compare those 3 methods in 4 requirements: Background Recently the total population of human being has broken through Seven billion. The booming population has led to a serious problem, the higher the population is, and the more water will be demanded.

However, the water resource is limited: Fresh water resource is valuable for every one on this planet, especially for those people who live in arid areas such as Middle East. In those regions, without water provision crops and livestock cannot survive, people have to spend a lot of time on searching and carrying water which can deprive their right to get education and make money KIC Fortunately desalination make it possible.

Fischetti points out that desalination is a process using energy and technique to remove salts and other minerals from water. The aim of this process is to transform salt water to fresh water for people drinking and daily use in the regions limited on fresh water but have plenty of salt water.

Numbers of desalination station have been built in the world, The biggest desalination station in the world is the Jebel Ali Desalination Plant located in United Arab Emirates. It can produce These stations supply large amount of fresh water to local residents every day, ease the water stress largely.

Rain Harvesting System basically is to harvesting rain water from rooftop and yard,after purified,than storing the water in an underground cellar for drinking, daily use and watering crops, See: Boers also points out that this kind of technique has already been applied on many arid areas to solve water stress.

The oldest extant dam in the world is the Jawa Dam, located in Jordan Helms, Dams can be seen as a barrier to stop water flow for and reserving it. Storing rain or river water in rain season, ensure the water supply for human consumption and irrigation in dry season.

Dams make water predictable, and much easier to manage. Damming is not only a water provision method but also an energy sources.

Large scale dams can also produce power. In some low income Middle East countries, governments are unable to afford those kinds of water provision project which cost a lot World Bank Poor water supply leads to high death rate and low productivity.

People have to pay more time on searching and carrying water, this makes them even poorer. So costs is an important consideration for some ountries. If a region seeks to maintain productivity and daily life,then the continuous water supply is essential.

Unstable water supply will lead to low productivity and quality of life. Those old water provision methods such as pumping underground water are not a long-term solution, new technology may provide some solution to this problem.

Tove brought out an idea: In the past, environment would not be a primary consideration for water provision projects. However more and more evidence shows that insufficient attention to environment can bring a lot of problem.

Hwang point out that, excessive use of groundwater is directly related to ground subsidence. Fortunately, today when planning a water project they will try to minimize the environmental impact Figure 2.

A fish ladder has been tested and has applied on many dams to protect native fish Barrett The following regulations pertain specifically to the Department of Economic and Community Development. This document is current through the 07/12/05 issue of the Connecticut Law Journal. Recommendation Report on Water Provision Methods at St.

Osyth. St. Osyth is one of the areas considered officially the driest. This area although considered arid, receives certain levels of torrential downpour of rainfall (Dolnicar and Schafer, ; p.

Recommendation report for water provision methods

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´╗┐Recommendation report for water provision methods in an arid or semi-arid region 1 Introduction Water shortage is a very serious problem in . Water provision methods. Write a recommendation report in which you compare two water provision methods for an arid region of must consider the following requirement when compare water methods: cost and Environmental impact.

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