Plate tectonics press release essay example

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Plate tectonics press release essay example

Nor is the planet's crust all of one piece; it is composed of numerous plates, which are moving steadily in relation to one another. This movement is responsible for all manner of phenomena, including earthquakes, volcanoes, and the formation of mountains.

All these ideas, and many more, are encompassed in the concept of plate tectonicswhich is the name for a branch of geologic and geophysical study and for a powerful theory that unites a vast array of ideas. Plate tectonics works hand in hand with several other striking concepts and discoveries, including continental drift and the many changes in Earth 's magnetic field that have taken place over its history.

No wonder, then, that this idea, developed in the s but based on years of research that preceded that era, is described as "the unifying theory of geology. Tectonism is the deformation of the lithosphere, and the term tectonics refers to the study of this deformation, including its causes and effects, most notably mountain building.

This deformation is the result of the release and redistribution of energy from Earth's core. The interior of Earth itself is divided into three major sections: Below the crust is the mantle, a thick, dense layer of rock approximately 1, mi.

Composed primarily of iron and another, lighter element possibly sulfurit is divided between a solid inner core with a radius of about mi. Tectonism results from the release and redistribution of energy from Earth's interior.

Plate tectonics press release essay example

There are two components of this energy: For more about gravity, see Gravity and Geodesy. The heat from Earth's core, the source of geothermal energyis discussed in Energy and Earth. Differences in mass and heat within the planet's interior, known as pressure gradients, result in the deformation of rocks.

Any attempt to deform an object is referred to as stress, and stress takes many forms, including tension, compression, and shear.

Tension acts to stretch a material, whereas compression—a type of stress produced by the action of equal and opposite forces, whose effect is to reduce the length of a material—has the opposite result. Compression is a form of pressure. As for shear, this is a kind of stress resulting from equal and opposite forces that do not act along the same line.

If a thick, hardbound book is lying flat and one pushes the front cover from the side so that the covers and pages are no longer perfectly aligned, this is an example of shear. Under the effects of these stresses, rocks may bend, warp, slide, or break.

They may even flow, as though they were liquids, or melt and thus truly become liquid. As a result, Earth's interior may manifest faults, or fractures in rocks, as well as folds, or bends in the rock structure. The effects of this activity can be seen on the surface in the form of subsidence, which is a depression in the crust, or uplift, which is the raising of crustal materials.

Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions also may result.Plate Tectonics Press Release GLG/ November 17, Leticia Kozbial-Brown Good Afternoon.

My name is Leticia Brown and as Director of Earthquake Preparedness for Los Angeles I would like to address public education on earthquake  · Published: Wed, 18 Oct “Compare and Contrast the Topographical Features at Divergent and Convergent Plate Margins.” Jenice Culzac According to the United States Geological Survey (USGS) “a tectonic plate (also called lithospheric plate) is a massive, irregularly shaped slab of solid rock, generally composed of both continental and oceanic lithosphere.”  · Plate tectonics.

Map showing the divergent plate boundaries (oceanic spreading ridges) and recent sub-aerial volcanoes the tremendous weight of the water above prevents the explosive release of steam and gases; Lassen Peak in California is an example of a volcano formed from felsic lava and is actually a large lava timberdesignmag.comogy · Plate tectonics · Volcanic features · Erupted Plate Tectonics Press Release Essay Sample.

Plate Tectonics Essays: Examples, Topics, Titles, & Outlines

Hello, my name is Ashley Stein and I am here to teach you some important information about earthquakes, the dangers of the plate tectonics and faults in the area, and the historical disaster as well as the future potential for earthquakes in the Los Angeles Plate Tectonics In the beginning the earth was not as it is today.

It was one continent called Pangaea. Over the years the continents drifted apart, hence the continental drift  · PLATE TECTONICS CONCEPT. The earth beneath our feet is not dead; it is constantly moving, driven by forces deep in its core.

Nor is the planet's crust all of one piece; it is composed of numerous plates, which are moving steadily in relation to one /plate-tectonics.

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