Payroll processing essay

Friday, June 5, Lean Software Development: The situation was eerily familiar.

Payroll processing essay

Army by Charles M. In every profession, there are jobs that go unnoticed-jobs performed by unsung heroes who stand backstage while the stars receive the applause. The military is no different.

IBM Punch Cards in the U.S. Army

From Personnel Accounting to Supply Accounting, the IBM punch card machines debited and credited long before computers became commonplace. How does the military keep track of hundreds of thousands of soldiers and millions of tons of supplies and equipment?

It seems simple today with the massive computing power available. Yet today's inexpensive desktop computer has millions of times the computing power of the first computer used by the Army.

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Further back through the dim vail of history, in the BC era Before Computersthere were EAMs; electro-mechanical devices as similar to modern computer systems as the Ford Flying Flivver is similar to a modern jet fighter.

At the time they were a miracle of statistical accounting methodology. Herman Hollerith, a young Census Bureau statistician, designed the first electro-mechanical punch card system. The census wasn't completed untilcausing concern that the census wouldn't be completed until after Jacquard's pasteboard method for automatic weaving, designing a 3" x 5" card and building a Card Punch, Sorting Box, and Counter Device.

Cards passed over a mercury-filled vat and pins dropped to touch the card.

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Pins passing through card holes touched the mercury, made electrical contact, and incremented counters. Seemingly clumsy, primitive, and slow, at the time it was high tech.

Hollerith's system completed the census in three years. Inthe name was changed to International Business Machines. Marshall knew the effectiveness of the United States Army in World War II would rely on its ability to increase personnel to staggering numbers; that current old-fashioned clerical methods must be replaced by an efficient, flexible, and fast system.

He ordered the creation of numerous types of electronic accounting units. Many types of record units were created to handle everything from manpower to payroll to supplies.

The focus here will be the Army's Personnel Accounting System. The MRU's duties were to handle, " Donges reported that, "As early asthe Adjutant General named a team of administrative experts to work in coordination with specialists from the business world in setting up a system capable of keeping track of each individual in the Army.

New accounting procedures were developed, making use of the most modern electrical devices utilizing the punch card system. During World War II, mobile units landed on the beaches of Normandy, Sicily, Italy, and the islands of the Pacific even before docking facilities had been established.

These units consist of two huge truck-trailers carrying complete machine records equipment mounted on rubber shock absorbers and sprung carriages, so constructed that operation is accomplished within the body of the trailer, and one trailer equipped for administrative operation.

There are two two-and-one-half-ton, six-wheel drive trucks; two generators with a total of eighty horsepower; and one command car. Personnel consisted of twenty-nine enlisted men, one warrant officer, and two officers for an army corps unit.

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Men were transported in trucks and they carried full field equipment, including rifles and carbines. Army corps units were usually located in the rear echelon of the headquarters to enable the commander to know, within a minimum of time, the exact status of the forces at his disposal to give answers to questions vital to strategy, furnishing information accurately and with the swiftness of electricity.

Everything began with the IBM card. It was a marvel of manufacture and quality control. Numbers were punched in a column as 0 through 9.

Payroll processing essay

The Keypunch transferred information from source documents to cards.Payroll Proposal recommendations for improving your time-keeping and payroll system. We have separated our proposals into three sections: data collection/cost allocation and related controls, processing procedures and related controls, and disbursements.

Payroll processing essay

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