Nisha cyclone in india media essay

Essay on cyclone Article shared by A cyclone is a very violent storm. It never comes alone. Heavy showers of rain, thunder and lightning are its companions.

Nisha cyclone in india media essay

Summary of a conversation I had with a journalist today about Land Value Tax. A journalist who shall remain nameless as I do not disclose my sources: To summarise, including the stuff I didn't say, but wish I had I am a simplification campaigner as much as a pro-LVT campaigner.

Even the worst taxes or subsidies can be made a bit less bad if they are at least simple and netted off as far as possible - there is no point subsidising something and taxing that same thing. Either pay a small net subsidy and don't tax it at all or tax it at a lower rate and scrap the subsidy.

At least that is the honest thing to do. Endless articles have been written about why LVT is good and other taxes are bad, and either you understand them or you don't. I can explain stuffbut I can't make people understand stuff which they don't want to understand.

I can hear and I understand how sound waves and the inner ear works, but I can't give deaf people their hearing back.

Nisha cyclone in india media essay

The only real 'problem' with Land Value Tax is political. In the UK, we have a weird slavish worship of house prices. The last half century has shown, if house prices are rising, the party in government will be re-elected; if they are falling, the opposition party will win.

So the politicians, of whatever party, don't like to utter the words "Land Value Tax" because - it is widely believed - this tax would push down house prices.

The UK already has a dozen fairly minor taxes which between them only raise about one-tenth of total taxes on housing, land values and private wealth generally.

Nisha cyclone in india media essay

If we - in the interests of simplification if nothing else - replaced all these with a flat-rate LVT, there would be little impact on house prices and most households would pay the same total amount of tax over a lifetime as they do now. So this should be politically acceptable, assuming a rational electorate.

Business Rates just needs a few tweaks and it's LVT, that's a minor issue. Annual revenues from the specific taxes in that spreadsheet figures two or three years out of date were as follows: The purists are quite correct to say that LVT should be based on site premiums i.

For a low level LVT, it is quite sufficient to base it on potential selling prices. Comes to much the same thing. Is this the best way of doing it? For an expert valuer, clearly not.

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For administrative simplicity, I think yes, until somebody can think of something simpler and better, then I'll support that instead. To summarise this summary: Each of these taxes is a minor tax, raises relatively little revenue and is fiddly and bad tax in itself, with all sorts of cliff-edges and unintended consequences.

If you replace them all with LVT, you have one slightly bigger and very simple tax which would still raise less than half as much as VAT, for example which is a good tax; most households would pay much the same over a lifetime; and the impact on house prices would be negligible might push them up a bit, might push them down.Rector Press stands ready to meet your specialized business intelligence requirements.

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Our aim is to supply the data and publications that will help ensure your company's success. Master Essay, University of Pittsburgh. Eisses, JF and Davis, AW and Tosun, AB and Dionise, ZR and Chen, C and Ozolek, JA and Rohde, GK and Husain, SZ () A computer-based automated algorithm for assessing acinar cell loss after experimental pancreatitis.

Implications of the New Supply Chains on Farm Economy of India: An Overview in N Chandrasekhara Rao, R Radhakrishna, R K Mishra and K V Reddy (eds.) Organised Retailing and Agribusiness: Implications of the New Supply Chains on the Farm Economy of India.

Apr 15,  · For the UK media, the terrorists have already won 3 years ago Britain Today. Green Party supports animal torture 3 years ago THE WEEKEND ESSAY: Why Gab is a victim of the “liberal” Establishment’s obsession with suppression 18 hours ago Bill Mitchell.

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The Weekend Quiz – November 3 . Travelling Solo to India GUTHRIDGE, Bettina Travelling Solo Lively illustrations and text provide information about India, its people and customs for beginner readers. Jimmie Jean enjoys a peaceful life watching the turtles until one day a terrible cyclone .

Hence, this research aims to study the print media coverage of Nisha Cyclone in Chennai edition newspapers. The objective of the study is to find out the newspapers that have greater readership among the coastal communities and to analyze the print media coverage of Nisha Cyclone.

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