Les rencontres se font partout mais surtout ailleurs

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Les rencontres se font partout mais surtout ailleurs

The decision of Paris to pursue its nuclear tests until had painful consequences.

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Remember Moruroa and Fangataufa… Towards the late s, France has entered fully the era of decolonization. Tempers are getting frayed between Paris and Algeria.

Visionary, Charles de Gaulle understood that the process was irreversible and he will accompany it. How did Polynesia become military playing field?

A population insignificant and ignored in the heart of the largest ocean, the Polynesians were still living like before: It was the ideal place to install the supreme weapon, cherished by the General.

There still to choose the perfect place: In Septemberduring his visit to Polynesia, Charles de Gaulle attended an air firing shot at Moruroa. For mysterious reasons, YouTube refuses integrating these unique and uplifting images. So to see them, I can only invite you to click here: De Gaulle at Mororoa in September … To take action it only remained to deport, purely and simply, a few dozen inhabitants of these both atolls.

This was done without further ado and with any qualms. Birth of a banana republic To silence any hint of protest from the Polynesians, the French government made two very simple things.

This was done continuously until 27 Januarythe last French nuclear tests on Moruroa Atoll. In Polynesia, the strong-man is called Gaston Flosse. In the affairs of the state for many years, it has the distinction of being a close friend of French President who supports him and covers up for all his actions, whatever they are.

This very special relationship between the two men added to the silence that France wants to impose on all that is happened in French Polynesia and the megalomaniac ambition of Flosse, will lead the country to the situation it knows today. Some of the French nuclear tests at Moruroa The others are those who are unemployed, the real figure is impossible to establish because there is no unemployed benefit in Polynesia.

The RST was created so that those who cannot pay social security contributions can benefit from coverage. To qualify for this scheme, you must prove net monthly income a less than the poverty threshold. Corruption and manipulation Flosse involved in a multitude of political and judicial affairs, lost power in But he recovered it in … Since the Polynesia undergoes permanent manipulations of a political class just as corrupt as his former leader.

Nine overthrows of majority in six years! All that is due to the about-face of elected persons, eager to get a ministry or other benefits of the same order and without never going through the ballot box.

The most of them implicate Flosse already sentenced in some. But, despite that, he is yet still representative in the Assembly of French Polynesia and senator of the Republic.

The second Polynesian senator, lawyer by profession, has been sanctioned by his order and banned from practicing for some time. Entire economy collapses, no jobs are created and the prices soar in all sectors.

Never forget… The political replacement exists outside the corrupt seraglio. Will it have such financial means to be heard in the upcoming elections? Unfortunately nothing is less certain.Mais franchement, qui s'en soucierait?

Les rencontres se font partout mais surtout ailleurs

Ses amies, Minny et Aibileen, et surtout Skeeter, la propre fille des Phelan. La jeune étudiante blanche et les deux employées noires vont lier une alliance imprévisible pour "comprendre". Mais elle ne veut surtout pas rater son rendez-vous tous les week-ends avec vous entre midi et 17h Gisele Quiniou Growing up just an hour away from the Rocky Mountains, Kelsey is a lover of the.

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Les enfants qui sont exploités partout dans le monde sont autant à plaindre que ceux qui se font tuer et enlever en Ouganda.

c’est bien plus facile de régler les problèmes d’ailleurs en ce donnant bonne que de poser des gestes concrets contre les différents abus que l’être humain fait subir à ses semblables.

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Toutes les nouveautés, les astuces ou les bons plans concernant Disneyland Paris pour vous permettre de passer le plus magique des séjours! Ce modèle est largement utilisé ailleurs. Notre foi en la renaissance se propagera loin et partout. Evidently, Mildred's reputation as a cook has spread far and wide.

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