It 242 week 8 assignment

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It 242 week 8 assignment

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Signing; copies; required provisions; disputable presumptions; use of nonconforming agreement unlawful. Payment of rent; term of tenancy. Limitation on amount or value; surety bond in lieu of security; duties and liability of landlord; damages; disputing itemized accounting of security; prohibited provisions.

Termination of rental agreement. Remedial work by landlord may be charged to tenant. Counterclaim by tenant; deposit of rent with court; judgment for eviction. As used in this chapter, unless the context otherwise requires, the terms defined in NRS A. It 242 week 8 assignment, safety, sanitation or fitness for habitation; or 2.

Nonpayment of utility charges if the landlord customarily pays such charges and submits a separate bill to the tenant. Failure of the tenant to comply with: Condemnation of the dwelling unit. All or part of the legal title to property, except a trustee under a deed of trust who is not in possession of the property; or 2.

All or part of the beneficial ownership, and a right to present use and enjoyment of the premises.

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Except as otherwise provided in subsection 2, this chapter applies to, regulates and determines rights, obligations and remedies under a rental agreement, wherever made, for a dwelling unit or premises located within this State. This chapter does not apply to: A person has notice of a fact if: Written notices to the tenant prescribed by this chapter shall be served in the manner provided by NRS Written notices to the landlord prescribed by this chapter may be delivered or mailed to the place of business of the landlord designated in the rental agreement or to any place held out by the landlord as the place for the receipt of rental payments from the tenant and are effective from the date of delivery or mailing.

Any written agreement for the use and occupancy of a dwelling unit or premises must be signed by the landlord or his or her agent and the tenant or his or her agent. The landlord shall provide one copy of any written agreement described in subsection 1 to the tenant free of cost at the time the agreement is executed and, upon request of the tenant, provide additional copies of any such agreement to the tenant within a reasonable time.

It 242 week 8 assignment

The landlord may charge a reasonable fee for providing the additional copies. Any written rental agreement must contain, but is not limited to, provisions relating to the following subjects: In addition to the provisions required by subsection 3, any written rental agreement for a single-family residence which is not signed by an authorized agent of the landlord who at the time of signing holds a permit to engage in property management pursuant to chapter of NRS must contain a disclosure at the top of the first page of the agreement, in a font size at least two times larger than any other font size in the agreement, which states that: The absence of a written agreement raises a disputable presumption that: It is unlawful for a landlord or any person authorized to enter into a rental agreement on his or her behalf to use any written agreement which does not conform to the provisions of this section, and any provision in an agreement which contravenes the provisions of this section is void.

The term does not include a manufactured home as defined in NRS B. Rent is payable without demand or notice at the time and place agreed upon by the parties. Unless the rental agreement establishes a definite term, the tenancy is from week to week in the case of a tenant who pays weekly rent and in all other cases the tenancy is from month to month.

In the absence of an agreement, either written or oral: A rental agreement shall not provide that the tenant: Any provision prohibited by subsection 1 is void as contrary to public policy and the tenant may recover any actual damages incurred through the inclusion of the prohibited provision.

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If the court as a matter of law finds that a rental agreement or any of its provisions was unconscionable when made, the court may refuse to enforce the agreement, enforce the remainder of the agreement without the unconscionable provision or limit the application of any unconscionable provision to avoid an unconscionable result.

If unconscionability is put in issue by a party or by the court upon its own motion, the parties shall be afforded a reasonable opportunity to present evidence as to the setting, purpose and effect of the rental agreement or settlement to aid the court in making its determination.

Upon termination of the tenancy by either party for any reason, the landlord may claim of the security or surety bond, or a combination thereof, only such amounts as are reasonably necessary to remedy any default of the tenant in the payment of rent, to repair damages to the premises caused by the tenant other than normal wear and to pay the reasonable costs of cleaning the premises.IT Week 6 Assignment: Router and Switch Configuration This Tutorial was purchased 7 times & rated A by student like you.

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IT Week 8 Assignment - Wireless Signals