How to write a science of mind treatment for prosperity

You may call God by any other name that makes It clear and personal to you, such as: Remember, this is your prayer. Begin with a statement recognizing God, such as: That is the life of God.

How to write a science of mind treatment for prosperity

We speak of denials and affirmations as though they were opposed to each other, but such is not the case. Fear and faith are but different ways of expressing positive beliefs about something. Fear is a positive belief that we will experience something that we do not wish to have happen, while faith is a positive belief that we will experience something that we do wish to have happen.

The nature of Being is such that real denial is impossible; for there is but One Mind in the Universe, and It is always "yea and amen. This affirmation is constantly with us, and every time we speak we use it in some form. We must be careful to use it only as an up building force.

I am also going to teach you how to write a Positive Affirmation. I could have very easily gave you your choice of Positive Affirmations but then when they ran out and you were confronted with something in your life, What Then? SO after meditating on it I realized that if I did it for you I would be doing you a disservice.

So I am going to teach you how a Positive Affirmation works. I will explain how to write, understand, and feel a Positive Affirmation in the easiest way I know.

I also know there is something vital to a treatment that can not be taught- your identification with the Center and Source of your being, which is pure Spirit. This you must find for yourself through continuous awareness of the Presence that surrounds and dwells in you.

You must make conscious use of this indwelling Presents for a definite purpose. You must ground your actions in a deep inner perception and conviction of the Spiritual Truth about yourself and any condition related to what you are Affirming.

A perception of wholeness is the consciousness of healing. If we are to become whole, it must be through the perception of wholeness. The mold which we create with intellect is necessary, but the realization, that which catches Fire from heaven.

The first two stages of treatment. Recognition and Unification, form a portal through which you allow your perception of wholeness to shine illuminating every word you think, speak, or write. That there is no spot, no situation were GOD is not.

Effective mental treatment is propelled by a consciousness of love and a realization that the Creative spirit is always at work.A treatment should be given in a calm, expectant manner and with a deep inner conviction of its reality, without any fear or any sense that the human mind must make it effective. The work is effective because the. A Spiritual Mind Treatment is a five step process during which we recognize the one source of all in the universe and know that we are part of it, affirm right action or heathly state, give thanks, and release. A Science of Mind Community in the UK. SPIRITUAL MIND TREATMENT. A little more about ‘Spiritual Mind Treatment’! During the . Not so with Science of Mind. 3. Rather than begging or beseeching God, our method of affirmative prayer, called Spiritual Mind Treatment, involves connecting with the spirit of God/Life/Divine Love within and affirming positive beliefs about the desired outcome.

I am seeking to become wholly immersed in my awareness of the Presence and Power in, under, over, around, and through all that is and I allow this awareness to flood my being, bringing peace and serenity.

This is Who I Am. This is the Truth about me. State the condition in your life that want to change.

Affirmative Prayer Treatment for Prosperity CSL Granada Hills

I urgently need a job. Unemployment benefits are running out and bills are piling up. You state the changed condition that you expect to experience as a result of this treatment. A new job is now mine which meets my financial needs with substance to share and spare, and offers room for growth and contribution.

In your own words This is the purpose of my treatment. I have placed in the Creative Medium [the law] a mold ,or mental equivalent, of the specific good which I am treating. My consciousness is now free for full realization of the Spiritual Truth of my being and my affairs. I am ONE with all the abundance and energy of the Universe.

I wholly recognize, accept, and embody this truth, and allow it to unfold in my experience.

how to write a science of mind treatment for prosperity

This is the realization in your treatment. I declare that I wholly accept and embody this realization as the Spiritual Truth of my being and my affairs, that I clearly see the special good that I desire as already mine, right now being manifested through the perfect action of Law.

My entire being is open and ready to receive this good that is mine now. This stage is just simply an outpouring of your attitude of gratitude for life and all it holds.Health is a state of wholeness in mind and in body.

The body is the servant of the mind, and the mind is the offspring of pure Spirit. I will permit Its flow of harmony, unity and beauty a clear passageway. This list of affirmations is taken from Ernest Holmes Book The Science of Mind, which was originally published in It was completely revised in by Ernest Holmes and Maude Allison Latham.

The Science of Mind helps you master the powers of the mind and to find purpose in life. If you have enjoyed The Science of Mind sample list of Affirmations, you can download the full book at Unlock The Power of You List of Affirmationa And Tools Visit the Positive Affirmations Page for ideas on writing and using a Positive Affirmation.

Change your thinking, change your life

Treatment is the art, the science and process of systematically inducing within consciousness concepts of definite desires as already accomplished facts and experiences in life.

RESIST NOT When Jesus said "Resist not evil," 60 He meant that non-recognition of evil is the only way to avoid it. Examples of Spiritual Mind Treatments: Oneness. The abundance of the universe is expressing itself here and now through all of us as infinite prosperity in all things.

All is Spirit expressing here and now through and as each of us as Peace, love and joy. We allow ourselves to be what Spirit has in mind and to express that boundless. Day 1 Guided Meditation for Prosperity from the Inside Out class Topics science of mind, religion, centers for spiritual living, religious science, check on the 'Classes' page on this site for how to call in or listen to it is a bonus spiritual mind treatment .