How to write a cv for a job in nigeria custom

Share Tweet A cover letter is so imperative in every job application. It ought to establish your passion and interest in a certain position. A lot of hiring managers do not pay attention to a resume with no cover letter.

How to write a cv for a job in nigeria custom

How to Write a Good CV How to Write a Good CV 30th January 4 min read Comments Writing the job-getting CV is often considered a difficult task nothing good comes easybut with the right guidelines, you can easily create a great resume that will boldly boast of your accomplishments in your absence.

how to write a cv for a job in nigeria custom

We have put together some suggestions that will help place your CV in the spotlight. Generally, CVs are of two kinds — Education-based and Experience-based.

The first is used when you have got no work experience fresh graduate or you are applying for a research role in an educational institution. The other, experience-based, centres more on the skills you have garnered while working.

Your experience should be listed from the most recent to the oldest, not forgetting to showcase your exploits. For both, put to mind that one CV may not work for all the industries, thus, you will have to adapt each CV for each industry.

Usually, a CV should contain the following information: Your personal details — name, address, age not be compulsoryphone number, email etc Put these information in a strategic location and in legible fonts, easily noticeable by the employer and make sure the data are current.

Some job seekers can fix in email addresses that are not theirs! Education and qualifications starting with the highest e. Do remember to link your job experience with what you are applying for.

As you build up on experience, this length of this section will diminish greatly. Key things to note here are: Trust me, they will be lost among thousands others. This shows you are very active. References Normally two references are required: The lesser the pages of a CV, the greater attention it receives.

As an employer, you would not want to be bothered by CVs that look like handouts. A 2-page CV is excellent. Therefore, be direct, clear and convincing.

Use good font like Times New Roman, Verdana and normal font size is 12 with larger sizes for subheads and if asked to use write, makes lettering legible such that an employer does not need to squint.

So, there is it! Have a fun time!CV Format in Nigeria: Experience. Your experience(s) should indicate the name of the company, your designation/title, your job description and the duration of service.

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The address of the company is not compulsory except you are applying for a job outside of your state or country of residence.

JarusHub. Established in March , JarusHub is a Nigerian information hub with focus on career and management. It is rated Nigeria's most authoritative destination for online career resources. CV Templates Approved by Recruiters.

Easily Create One in Under 5 Minutes, Download it As a PDF and Start Applying for Jobs. Writing a CV is not an easy endeavor, especially if this is your first time writing one. Make sure to tailor your CV for each specific job opening or company and include only the information and experience that .

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how to write a cv for a job in nigeria custom

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