How smartpnhones affect us essay

But how often do we assess its presence in our relationships, recognizing how, exactly, it has impacted the way we interact with those closest to us? Historically, we are going where no human has gone before, hooked up to apps offering unprecedented exposure to the innermost thoughts and actions of others, as well as new avenues to spy on our loved ones, cheat, and cover the tracks. A Nielsen survey found that the average American spends 11 hours on social media, and more than half of that time is spent looking at a smartphone or tablet.

How smartpnhones affect us essay

The pre-test was carried out at the first meeting prior to the learning activities.

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After the pretest, the next meetings were used to carry out the learning activities based on the lesson plan which had been compiled either for the treatment or control class.

Learning activities at the next meetings were carried out by implementing experiments of using smartphones in the treatment class and without implementing experiments of using smartphones in the control class. At the last meeting, post-test was carried out to figure out the students' critical thinking skill.

Since students who were not belonged to the samples also participated in the learning activities, so in each group there were students who used smartphones and also the package of data available to be used in the learning activities.

Both teacher and researcher had provided learning websites for each meeting that consisted of different learning materials. This had the purpose of ensuring whether the learning materials were relevant or not.

After given the materials briefly, students joined their group and discussed the materials How smartpnhones affect us essay by the teacher, where each group received different materials.

After given the time to discuss, students presented their result of discussion in front of the class. After that, other groups were given chances to ask questions to the group that currently presented their result.

Each group then answered the questions coming from other groups. This process was in line with the research findings of Barakati that claimed the learning with smartphones had collaborative impact of sharing information easily with students in the groups.

Learning activities with smartphones more facilitated students and attracted students to learn, so that their perspective extended rather than they used course books only. Learning activities with smartphones also led students more active in the teaching and learning process since they could autonomously search for materials that were not available in the books, so that they could more understand the topics of learning materials in each meeting.

This finding is supported by the finding of Rusman that confirmed if smartphones assisted students to increase knowledge and facilitated more extended education distribution; yielded accurate and up-to-date lesson materials; and the learning activities can be carried out interactively.

The result of the study showed that the science-program class XI 2 using smartphones had the higher average score of critical thinking compared with science-program class X1 3 that did not use smartphones. It can be explained that students who learned with smartphones in the classroom learning appeared to be more active in the discussion.

The questions asked by students were also more meaningful. Each group also revealed high competitiveness to show the best result in the discussion.

The difference was clearly visible in the science-program class XI 3 where the learning activities were more monotonous since they only relied on their own textbooks. Although teachers used STAD learning model, students still looked less active compared with students who learned with smartphones.

This was presumably since only a few students seemed to be active in each group, thus this influenced the results of the discussion presented. Based on this finding it was clear that the use of smartphones had positive effect on students' learning activities. These findings were in line with the arguments of Sarwar and Soomro which stated that students could find all information they need with smartphones, especially through browsing the internet.

Browsing the Internet with smartphones made students more easily get the information so that they had better thinking skills and simultaneously could improve their learning outcomes.

Based on the result of the study it was revealed that there was the effect of using smartphones on students' critical thinking skill. This could be seen from the average score of the post-test in both classes comprising of treatment and control classes.

How smartpnhones affect us essay

The average score of science-program class XI 2, the treatment class, which learned with smartphones before given the treatment was After given the treatment the average score of science-program class XI 2 increased up to The comparison between pre-test and post-test clarified that the effect was not seen much significant after the given treatment of learning activities were carried out although the post-test score on the treatment class was found higher than the score of the post-test score in the control class.

These findings were supported by the arguments of Rusman which stated that learning with smartphones can be held interactively, so the learning attracts students and allows interested parties parents and teachers to contribute to the success of the learning process. Viewed from the analysis result of research data, it was obtained that the value of tcalculation 4.

Based on these calculation, tcalculation was higher than the ttabulation 4. This finding was in line with the argument given by Sugiyonoi. Viewed from the test results of the data analysis in Appendix 6, it was found that the science-program class XI 2 that used smartphones in learning obtained higher score compared with science-program class XI 3 that did not use smartphones.

This occurred since learning with smartphones had advantages, that is, it could make students more interested in the learning activities and students could easily capture the lesson in the classroom since they were given the responsibility to search for more learning materials through their smartphones so that learning activities became more relaxed and enjoyable.

Students also had extensive knowledge so that the learning outcomes were better compared with students who only used course books.

How smartpnhones affect us essay

The general limitation faced during the process of this study was the lack of WiFi network at the school that did not reach up to the sampling classroom, so students used internet data package for each of their smartphones.

The inaccessibility of the WiFi network became an obstacle when in a group that had some smartphones, only 1 or 2 students could easily access the Internet while other students did not. However this obstacle was covered by maximizing other students to work on other things in the group.

Difficulties in maximizing the time were also became a constraint where too much time spent in the learning, so some groups had not enough time to answer the questions from the other groups and the questions would be answered on the next meeting instead.

The first group was welcomed to present their discussion in front of the class. After a group delivered the results of the discussion, other groups were welcomed to ask questions and then the questions were recorded.

After that, the first group was instructed to back to their seat and so was the next group.Smartphones Improvements: positive and negative impact on society. Posted on September 19, technology writer and author of Always On: How the iPhone Unlocked the Anything, Now smartphones allow us to communicate with people easily, learn new things, use applications that make our life simpler, and even develop our businesses.

Sending a. Smartphones are essentially multiple devices wrapped into one, and can save you a lot of money compared to buying all the devices (camera, MP3 player, navigation, etc.) separately. Stop in and let us help, plus receive a $ signing bonus per line and unlimited data when you .

Oct 22,  · How cell phones have changed our lives. due to the advent of the internet and cell phones). Cell phones allow us to extend the presence of .

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I'm not the so-called "generation heads down", and none of my family members are, either. Bucknell University Bucknell Digital Commons Honors Theses Student Theses Mobile goes global: The effect of cell phones on economic growth and development. I don't think any of us could have imagined when we saw a cellphone for the first time what its impact would have on society.

It can be hard to comprehend the effects of smartphones on our society without actually taking the time to have a look at these real statistics.

The Impressive Effects Of Smartphones On Society [Infographic.

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