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Questionnaire reflective statement of personal teaching philosophy I.

Hausarbeit englisch

The importance of intercultural competence III.

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Literary texts and intercultural competence IV. Thesis Intercultural competence has become the key competence of the 21th century. Culture is conceived through language and by that an important element of the foreign language learning process.

Communicating with someone from a different part of the world is not only based on knowing his or her language but also on understanding where this person comes from. Therefore it has become Hausarbeit englisch to help foreign language learners to create a cultural profile as an orientation and a guideline for the diverse cultures of their target language.

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The importance of intercultural competence On the basis of the increasing multiculturalism and internationalization students will in future times be confronted with foreign countries, cultures as well as their economic and social systems.

The circumstance that we have to associate with people of foreign backgrounds, to deal with their behavior and way of thinking can evolve amazement as well as bewilderment in us. Cultural differences have an enormous effect on communication and are indeed of high importance when it comes to learning a foreign language.

Maletzke ,16 defined culture briefly as: Students are often not aware of the fact that different cultures have other action patterns in certain situations than we do.

Our values are not only marked by our own ideas but rather by the cultural environment we live in.

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Was ist wissenschaftliches Englisch und wofür braucht man es? Ob du dies freiwillig tust oder es dir aufgetragen wurde, ist erst einmal egal.

Each and every culture has its very own values in the areas of life. For instance these areas include work, nature, religion, social relations, food, time, language etc. As a result different cultures put different emphasize on certain areas in their lives since their perception of the world and its surroundings differs from ours.

Hausarbeit englisch

Nevertheless we are very often not aware of the effects we have on our fellow man. When it comes to contact between two or more cultures each part tries to distinguish oneself from the other.

We have to keep in mind that stereotypes are not completely reprehensible but rather a helpful system to organize and process new information. Still we should always remember that stereotypes distort reality and should be dealt with carefully in order to prevent us from putting up barriers.

When approaching a different culture students need to learn to be open-minded, to observe and to consume as many information as they can get. Accordingly intercultural competence is in the case of stereotypes conveyed through the awareness of a distorted self-image and the generalized picture of the foreign culture.Übersetzung für Hausarbeit im Englisch-Deutsch-Wörterbuch Characterization of Morality and Values in Arthur Miller's Play "The Crucible" - John Proctor's Search for Identity and His 'Self' - Bachelor of Arts Ramon Klein - Hausarbeit - Englisch - Literatur, Werke - Arbeiten publizieren: Bachelorarbeit, Masterarbeit, Hausarbeit oder Dissertation.

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