Can a decision ever be truly rational psychology essay

Imagine that you're researching a potential product. You think that the market is growing, and, as part of your research, you find information that supports this belief. As a result, you decide that the product will do well, and you launch it, backed by a major marketing campaign. However, the product fails.

Can a decision ever be truly rational psychology essay

Evaluate this question drawing on the examples and theories given in the lectures. Introduction "There are no decision problems in paradise! Paradise offers a happy, but aimless life. Today, individuals, companies, organizations or institutions are all daily confronted with decision problems.

This essay explores different theories of decision making and the aim of this essay is to answer the question, what are the different approaches in solving decision problems, and if it can ever be only a rational process.

Definition of a decision problem A decision problem can be defined as a situation, in which there is a difference between the desired targeted position and the current position.

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The decision problems can be divided into the choice and design problems. Choice problems are ones, where the solutions are known from the beginning. The decision maker is choosing one of the options. Design problems, however, have an infinite number of ways how they can be solved and the decision maker is generating the possible solutions.

Furthermore, it can be distinguished between problems, which can be solved independently and problems in decision sequences. A decision sequence, in contrary, appears where by solving a problem, the number of other different problems emerges and further decisions are needed.

There were attempts to formulate a universal decision making theory in the past, and this essay will introduce and analyze some of them. Despite the fact that this model is considered to be a myth today and it was criticized by many of the researchers, it is still used in some aspects of explaining a decision making process.

Many philosophers were trying to come with a clear explanation of rationality and how, or if are people capable of using only this feature when dealing with different issues.

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Starting with Aristotle, who believed, that logical thinking is what distinguishes people from animals. Definition of the problem 2. Determination of the goals of efforts 3. Identification of all the possible alternative solutions to meet the goals 4.

Evaluation of different solutions against the set goals 5. Implementation and Monitoring Peterson, The requirement of setting a goal is an important part of the whole decision making process.

The definition of the problem is usually related to the goals, which want to be reached or improved. The evaluation is done by comparing the alternative solutions with the criteria, that have been established when setting the goals and trying to find the best alternative.

As it was already stated, it is impossible to consider the rational comprehensive model as accurate because of the various limitations and constraints.

The decision making steps of the rational model although, are still trying to be obeyed when concluding a decision. The limitations in human thinking will be explained below. Bounded rationality Bounded rationality theory was formed by Herbert A.In the following are some decision-making models such as rational, political, process, garbage can, and the seven-step process.

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Provided is an example on how the seven-step process when applied in choosing a career path enable good sound decisions. You can learn another 55 decision-making skills, like this, by joining the Mind Tools Club. Join the Mind Tools Club Today! Get the Free Newsletter.

Can a decision ever be truly rational psychology essay

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Common Psychological Biases Below, we outline five psychological biases that are common in business decision making.

“Majority decisions tend to be made without engaging the systematic thought and critical thinking skills of the individuals in the group. Given the force of the group's normative power to shape the opinions of the followers who conform without thinking things through, they are often taken at face value.

This essay explores different theories of decision making and the aim of this essay is to answer the question, what are the different approaches in solving decision problems, and if it can .

The rational decision making model, provided that certain assumptions are met, can be a very effective tool in the problem solving or goal setting process. The effectiveness of the model lays in it’s logical, methodical, and scientific approach to problem solving.

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