Abortion is nothing else but blatant

Unless the context is abortion, it is a federal crime to harm an unborn child. Fetal Homicide Laws U.

Abortion is nothing else but blatant

Abortion is nothing else but blatant

Search Dictionary Terms for letter: A A The letter "A" in a dream can symbolize your desire for recognition and accomplishment as in getting an 'A' on a test, or being A number one. Alternatively, it is a symbol that resembles an arrow and can be pointing out something or pointing you in a specific direction related to the dream.

Associated with arriving, "A" can be a message about embarking on a new, more fulfilling path. It is a letter that can suggest abundance and fullness and how you attract experience with your attitude. Abacus The abacus ties together the idea of keeping count and an 'old' way of doing so.

It can symbolize holding a grudge from the past that might be undermining your ability to enjoy experience. In an abstract form, the abacus could represent how you are 'counting on something' that may or may not be forthcoming.

Beading on a necklace can have a similar meaning since the necklace is associated with something that hangs around your neck. Abandoned Dreaming of being abandoned or left behind shows your attempt to let go of outworn behavior or characteristics. It can reflect an identity crisis as you move into a new situation with fears of not fitting in.

In a sense you are abandoning your old identity in preparation for a transformation. If the dream focuses more on being left behind, there is a sense of exploring where you are in relation to other's expectations of you or life stages. Abbreviation When a combination of letters or an abbreviation appears in your dream, the message can relate to someone you know with those initials.

Some aspect or characteristic associated with them is being examined and perhaps adopted or discarded in your expression. Explore whether the letters sounded together resemble a word.

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IM can suggest 'I am' or 'Instant Message' as in not taking the time to think before you respond. DN can sound like 'the end' or can represent Down in its abbreviation so say the letters over and over to see if another word manifests. B can suggest 'be' and R can represent 'are.

See also People and Name. Abdomen Since emotion is associated with 'gut feelings,' dreams of the abdomen can represent feelings that you are not acknowledging.

The condition of the abdomen and whether or not it is yours, suggests how you are owning or acting on your gut feelings. As a symbol of digestion, it can represent unprocessed issues.

See Anatomy and Body Parts. Abduction Being abducted shows how you may be allowing your real nature to be 'kidnapped' by fear or the pressure of others. The threat of being abducted by Aliens and UFOs is a common dream theme arising from peer pressure or doing things that go against your sense of Self.

Being threatened by a sinister character can portray the Shadow Also see Shadow under Archetypes and Universal Characters. The Shadow represents the unacknowledged but powerful part of your nature that you are not allowing to have expression.

It follows or stalks you attempting to 'break in' to consciousness. In a sense, you are 'kidnapping' yourself or repressing some aspect of your real self. Being kidnapped by anything portrays the internal conflict created when one side of you is evolving, yet is blocked by your more ingrained or critical nature from the pressure of conformity.

You may dream of abduction any time you feel developmental pressure of this type. Abnormal Anything that appears in a dream that would be called abnormal is a reference to necessary change or seeing the old way a bit differently.

The abnormal quality of the symbol also brings it forward for closer inspection. Anything out of balance or unappreciated might be portrayed as abnormal.

Whatever is unusual about the symbol should be explored for possible direction.L etters From Those Impacted by WCG, HWA & Offshoots. Best of the Letters from I R emember WCG's Moral Compromises and Politics. January 3, Hi, I was thinking the other day about something that happened in which I thought I would relate.

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This being Industrial Music, it is probably not intended to be a celebration but instead a criticism of such. Notable for the mechanized sounds of a woman orgasming. Many women are woefully unhappy in spite of living under the most privileged conditions ever afforded by civilization.

No matter how much they receive and how much they indulge, nothing ever satiates their needs and wants. Fetal Homicide Laws (U.S.) Unless the context is abortion, it is a federal crime to harm an unborn child. As the law stands today, if a pregnant woman on her way to an abortion clinic (where her child will be legally killed), is assaulted in the street, causing the death of her unborn child, those who assaulted her would be guilty of manslaughter.

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The President of the United States has been widely called out for his objectification.

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