A review of joseph e levines the graduate

At the party, all his parents' friends want to know about what he is going to do next, something Benjamin is clearly uncomfortable and anxious about. His parents ignore this and are only interested in talking up his academic and track successes and their plans for him to go to grad school. Robinson, the wife of his father's business partner, asks him for a lift home from the party.

A review of joseph e levines the graduate

A review of joseph e levines the graduate

Levine was larger than life. He rose from poverty in Boston's West End to become one of postwar Hollywood's most prolific independent promoters, distributors, and producers. Alternately respected and reviled, this master of movie promotion was responsible for bringing films as varied as Godzilla: King of the Monsters!

In the first biography of this controversial pioneer, A. McKenna traces Levine's rise as an influential packager of popular culture.

A review of joseph e levines the graduate

He explores the mogul's pivotal role in many significant industry innovations from the s to the s, examining his use of saturation release tactics and bombastic advertising campaigns. Levine was also a trailblazer in promoting European art house cinema in the s.

Despite his significant accomplishments and prominent role in shaping film distribution and promotion in the post-studio era, Levine is largely overlooked today.

McKenna's in-depth biography corrects misunderstandings and misinformation about this colorful figure, and offers a sober assessment of his contributions to world cinema. It also illuminates Levine's peculiar talent for movie- and self-promotion, as well as his extraordinary career in the motion picture business.Joseph E.

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A review of joseph e levines the graduate

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